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In my practice, I have conducted hundreds of group and individual trainings. Everyone on their own with their own personal and of course very serious problem. Often people who come do not have a clear idea of what they want and how to achieve real results. For these people, meeting with me is often torture and fruitless. I deeply believe that everyone knows very well what their problem is, what their eating habits are and he has consciously blocked his development towards the better self. And very often all this is very painful… running from the truth every day. If you come to me and hear the truth you will want to run away, and the pain and disappointment from yourself they will be huge and to save yourself from them you will transfer this pain and frustration to me-coach to calm yourself down. I don’t want that! I don’t want to be your tormentor, but to help you! For this to happen, however, the permission and desire for deep transformation must come from you. I will give you specific solutions and answers on how to lose weight, how to tighten your hips and stomach, how to change your diet. BUT all this is in your hands…in you, and if you are not aware of your wishes, there is no way someone else will make a decision for you, because it will not be yours, it is your life. Character, will and perseverance! Persistence and persistence always pays off! Everyone has different experience and readiness and therefore the process for everyone is different, for some of you one consultation is enough to start the path of change and together we continue on the path of training, for others it is necessary to spend much more time and effort. And there are those for whom even twenty minutes are enough to understand that we are not for each other and that is also correct. Some of my clients define my method as sharp, very direct and deep. They have a feeling that I am so focused, thorough and listen so carefully that during a meeting you can no longer lie to yourself, much less to me (eating habits and to the question what did I eat today? ) So you have to be ready , you must be ready for a frontal blow with the truth, the blame and the solution. After this head-on blow you will know that nothing will ever be the same again, but if you really care there is always a choice to go back to where you came from and seek help elsewhere or not at all. And that’s right too, because with me you won’t waste time, you won’t waste time training for years, with me the information comes with the force of thunder and sweeps you away like a tsunami wave. And all that is required of you is persistence, passion and persistence!
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What does it mean to be ready for my training method?
Be ready to accept the truth about yourself and your habits. I will not argue and convince you, but I will help you see the truth about yourself. Whether to accept it is up to you. To have gone through some introspection and to realize that you have a theme/problem that needs movement and a diet. I am not the one to tell you who you are and what your problem is because if you have no awareness of the subject, you will either blindly accept this information or reject it, but neither scenario leads to lasting change. The first step to change is to realize that you have a problem and accept it, then we can continue with training and diet.

What is my method? My method is based on pleasure and fun, a feeling of exertion, but with a smile. Immersion in my world of dance with visible physical and mental results. My innate talent to inspire …a skill I developed through years of practice with people. During these years of inspiration, I realized that transmitting my inspiration and charging people is the true path to transformation. Awareness based on feeling and inspiration is what leads to the right path. In this I can be of help to you, to feel yourself, your needs , your fears, your blocks, your strengths, your weaknesses and you decide for yourself what you want to keep, change and whether you want to change anything at all in your soul and body. Do you want to fill your needs? I am ready to walk together on the thorny path and I am not ready to tell you general things about what you can read everywhere, because I believe that everyone is an individual universe, an individual physical body with different needs and different circumstances. And as you may feel, I cannot work with everyone, I choose the people I work with based on passion, will, character and purpose. With this, I want to save frustration and time for those who are not for me and direct my energy and strength to those for whom it will be really useful and meaningful. In conclusion, I deeply believe that anyone who has decided to seek he will get help only when he finds the right method and coach for him. For me, as a sensitive and deeply connected person to my work, it is important that the right people come to me, so that I can continue to put my whole being into what I do, namely to help you show your true self! Let’s overcome the bad results of the glassy temporary circumstances and make you shine again!

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