Who is Mimi Dance Mix?

My activity is neither work nor business. The art of working with children is a vocation and a skill that must be accompanied by education. Mimi Dance Mix is ​​a school – a mix of different dance styles. Within one astronomical hour, children manage to touch the magic of every style – ballet, modern dance, gymnastics, jazz, tap dance, hip-hop/street dance, ethnic/characteristic dance. 

I was born in Plovdiv 

Maria Marinashka is a ballet and modern dance teacher. She has been doing ballet and modern dance since she was 4 years old. At the beginning, she started with blend of different styles as spanish dances with numerous performances, then she continued her studies at the Parisov dance school under the expert guidance of the distinguished ballet teacher and international dance judge Kremena Marinashka. For over 10 years she studied classical and modern ballet, characteristic dances, dance shows and hip hop. During his studies at the Music and Dance Academy in the city of Plovdiv, he participated in a number of performances, competitions, festivals and seminars in Sofia, Greece, Italy, Spain, France. Awards for artistic presence from festivals and recognition for overall contribution. She also participates in the creation of various projects and concerts. Maria has taught classical and modern ballet in Bulgaria for 6 years to children of preschool age, students and Zumba, FitDance for adults. Since 2018, she is the head and choreographer of ballet school Mimi Dance Mix in London. He works with the wonderful children of the proven Bulgarian school in London „Zvanche“, taking part in their concerts and celebrations. The young and energetic teacher still travels today to attend dance seminars and to pass on the novelties to her students and to look for new rebellious scenes. For her, dance is a magic with which she infects and inspires children! 

During such a difficult and difficult year of the pandemic, the work dedicated to the children from the ballet and modern dance school Mimi Dance became the object of the Bulgarian society in England and was awarded by the British Bulgarian Business Awards with a prize in three categories: – inspirational person of the year – Business of the year in the field of services – Business of the year in the field of sports .

I have participated in many charitable causes. At our last concert, we supported the cause Together in support of Nasco. I am extremely proud of my ballet family because we were able to support Nasco. We would like to get involved in more social and charity activities in the future. 

There are many children I have taught. I have been teaching for 11 years now. Some are still following the path of ballet, and others have given up. The art of being a ballerina is very difficult. You have to be very persistent, ambitious and persistent. To be completely devoted to dance and music. Qualities that must be complemented by the family. Currently, the school has about 100 children. Success for which I have not even dreamed. 

 Children motivate me! I can tell you, for example, about our last concert. Children are unique. For just one training session a week, for one hour – a total of 11 hours of ballet during the term, we managed to do an entire Nutcracker ballet performance. Amazing success! I admire them. How clever they are, how talented they are, how smart and scenic they are.   

I have countless hobbies….-Something that few people know about me is that I am also an economist/manager Hairdresser and make-up artist (completely logical in my opinion as a result of my preparations for every show) Here you will probably be surprised, but yes, I am curious I want to know and be able to do everything (well, not everything, what excites me) everything is interesting to me and I keep asking myself the questions How? Why? What? -I like to read books -And last but not least, I draw, I love to draw. I am an exceptional connoisseur of all kinds of art. A true art critic. -And beyond everything…I am…a Universe who is in love with music and dance, an adventurer who dreams a lot and a child who looks with real eyes at the world and beyond. 

The children of the Mimi Dance mix school are my pride! They and their achievements! 

Follow your hearts and dream big! Dance wherever you are like nobody’s watching!  An upcoming event will be our annual concert in June/July We have planned an even bigger event than the previous one. 

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